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Ex-boss of GlaxoSmithKline to be deported back to the UK

Mark Reilly, the former boss of GlaxoSmithKline, has been given a three-year suspended sentence after pleading guilty to bribery in China and will be deported back to UK, reports the Guardian.

Mr Reilly was charged with running a bribery scheme that used money and sexual favours to ensure doctors prescribed GSK drugs in China.

GSK's actions were investigated when a sex tape of Mr Reilly and his Chinese girlfriend was sent to GSK board-members in an attempt to blackmail the company officials. Details of corrupt sales and marketing practices were also sent with the tape.

Fraud: BBC reporter inadvertently uncovers investment scam

An investigation has begun into a multi-million-pound scam spearheaded by large gang across Britain, reports the BBC.

You and Yours reporter for the BBC, Shari Vahl, answered a phone call, never expecting that he would be uncovering a major fraud operation that was taking place throughout the country. The gang behind the scam was offering investment in gold leasing promising seemingly unachievable returns. Given the doubtfully fruitful investment opportunity, the reporter investigated further and brought in detectives.

A multi-million-pound scandal was unearthed, leading to police searches of eighteen properties located in a number of different counties. To date, 13 arrests have been made.

Fraud: Benefits cheat with private income sentenced to jail

Benefits cheat, Seema Bassi of Illford, Essex, has been jailed for twelve months following her court hearing, reports the Daily Mail.

Despite boasting a sizeable portfolio of 26 properties which she leased to both private and council tenants, Ms Bassi managed to cheat the British benefits system, claiming a total of £74,000.

Posing as an unemployed single mother, 49-year-old Bassi successfully hid her income from officials until her brother was investigated for tax evasion. It was only when investigators found that Ms Bassi's brother had sold 18 properties to her that she was herself suspected of fraud.

Fraud: Parking fines issued using wrong law

Thousands of rail commuters have been wrongly fined for using station car parks, reports the Daily Mail.

MET Parking Services has been accused of issuing false parking tickets as it is discovered that the company used the wrong law to hand out penalty notices. Furthermore, the company now faces accusations of pursuing payment under false pretences.

Admitting fault, MET has acknowledged that over 1,000 tickets were incorrectly distributed and, as a result, 679 of these (all of which remained outstanding) had been cancelled. However, manager of website Parking Prankster, claims that this number may only relate to tickets issued in one particular car park and the true number of falsely issued tickets is likely to in fact be closer to 40,000.