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Campaigning parents win legal battle over nursery cuts

A group of parents from Wales have won a High Court battle in their fight against cuts of the provision of nursery services in their local area, reports the BBC.

The parents are from Rhondda Cynon Taf and were in the High Court in London seeking a judicial review of the decision by their local council to put an end to full-time nursery education for young children.

The council had planned to put an end to full-time nursery education for three year olds, and to replace it with an offer of part-time education at age three, then full time from age four.

The High Court was asked to conduct a judicial review of the council's decision by a group of parents worried about the effects of the cuts on their children's education.

The High Court found that the council had erred in the way it went about making the decision, and breached its statutory duties in doing so.

Speaking outside the High Court in London, one of the campaigning parents told the BBC winning their case was 'awesome'.

"It's hard to describe, it's absolutely awesome; a lot of hard work and effort has gone into this. We wanted to be here to hear this. It's exceptionally important," said Jo Caddy, a campaigner.

Many parts of Wales already only offer full-time nursery education for four year olds only.

The local council said it was disappointed with the ruling, and would now have to look at alternative ways to make cuts to services in order to address budget shortfalls.

"Unfortunately the council has no alternative other than to make significant reductions to its service provision because of the severity of the UK Government's austerity measures," said a spokesperson.

It is thought that decisions surrounding local redundancies may also now be put on hold in light of the court's ruling.