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Commercial litigation: Dentist threatens to 'tell all' after legal battle

A multi-millionairess dentist has threatened to disclose details of her legal battle with the family of her ex-husband, after claiming that the details disclosed in court were just the tip of the iceberg, reports the London Evening Standard.

Dr Anushika Sharma, age 36, divorced her husband Sunny last October. However, it was her relationship with her former mother-in-law that has been the driving force behind an ongoing court battle into the division of marital assets.

Sharma and her ex-husband and family set up a chain of dental clinics under the name Aspire Dental Clinics Limited (ADC).

Although Dr Sharma was the only director, she shared the equity in the business jointly with her husband and his mother and brother.

The business grew successfully under the directorship of Dr Sharma, who went on to set up a separate parallel business in her own name a few years later.

In the wake of the divorce, the family of the now former husband are claiming that Dr Sharma violated her duty as a director of ADC by setting up a parallel company, and claimed that they are entitled to substantial equity in the five practices bought by Dr Sharma for her parallel company.

The Court of Appeal was asked to hear the case, which centres on whether Dr Sharma breached her director's fiduciary duty to ADC by acquiring businesses for a parallel company.

The Court of Appeal ruled in Dr Sharma's favour, finding that she did not breach her fiduciary duty because she gained consent from her fellow shareholders to acquire practices in her own name during a meeting in 2007.

After winning her case, Dr Sharma told the Evening Standard that she would be revealing further details of her case.

"I want to release my whole story because it's much worse than anything that was said in court - you would not believe," she said.

In response her former mother-in-law said that family business should be kept private.

"It was silly of her [Dr Sharma] to make the story public. I would not like to expose my family," she said.