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Corruption: Trial date for Bo Xilai has been set

A court date for the trial of ex-Communist leader, Bo Xilai, has now been set, reports the BBC.

Former Chinese politician and communist party leader Bo Xilai was publically disgraced when his former chief of police absconded to the US consulate in February 2012.

Despite being convicted himself and currently serving a 15-year prison sentence, this man prompted an investigation into Bo Xilai's involvement in the murder of Neil Heywood, a British businessman. His wife, Gu Kailai, was found guilty of poisoning Mr Heywood and is now awaiting her public execution following sentencing.

Confidence in his leadership hit an all-time low when implications arose surrounding his likely participation in Mr Heywood's murder; specifically, his attempt to conceal the murder altogether. He was dismissed from the political party and relieved of his position of power.

Bo Xilai faces court on Thursday to answer the charges made against him of corruption, abuse of power and bribery. Reporting on the case, the BBC commented: "Mr Bo has been accused of taking advantage of his office to accept money and property, as well as embezzling public money...The trial date comes amid a high-profile crackdown on corruption."

Given the prominence that this case has received, his trial will not take place in Bo Xilai's home town. This is to protect against any preferential treatment that might be bestowed upon him there.

There has been much reported on the apparent corruption within the Chinese Communist Party. A former economic official is also being investigated for his part in cases of bribery. His misdemeanours came to light when a journalist reported his corruptive actions in an accusatory article in December last year.

In an attempt to reduce fallout within the party, current president Xi Jinping has promised to scrutinize politicians' behaviour and rid the party of any further corruption.