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Motoring: Former footballer and coach 'couldn't stand' after being stopped drink driving

Ray Wilkins, the former Chelsea and England footballer, has appeared in court after being stopped driving drunk, reports The Independent.

The court heard that the former footballer was 'too drunk to stand up'.

The 56-year-old, who played 84 times for England and more recently featured among the coaching staff at top Premier League club Chelsea, was stopped after driving erratically in his Jaguar XJ sports car.

The officers told the court that Mr Wilkins slurred his words and launched a four-letter tirade against them when they pulled him over, suspecting he was driving drunk.

The incident took place in May last year, when officers spotted Mr Wilkin's car swerving dangerously near his home in Cobham, Surrey.

"There was a strong smell of intoxicating liquor in the vehicle and around him," Police Constable Nicholas Skidmore told the court.

"He couldn't stand up properly... He had to lean against the car," the policeman added.

The officers described how they arrested Wilkins, who they did not recognise, before taking him to a police station. Mr Wilkins is said to have fallen asleep in the police car during the journey.

CCTV footage of Mr Wilkins showed that he struggled to give a sample of breath at the police station and was warned that he would not be allowed a phone call until he had done so, prompting a further outburst.

Mr Wilkins was found to have 104mcg of alcohol in 100ml of blood, approximately three times the legal limit of 35mcg.

Mr Wilkins is standing trial after denying drink driving, the case continues.


Former England and Chelsea footballer was 'too drunk to stand' when pulled over for driving erratically, court hears (The Independent)