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A changing horizon for personal injury solicitors

Sweeping changes to medical negligence laws in the UK are being discussed detailing how medical negligence is to be removed from legal aid altogether while those bringing negligence claims are to pay fees and premiums out of their own compensation.

With more than 6,000 negligence claims handled by the NHS Litigation Authority in 2009/10 and related legal fees for the same period standing at over £120million, the argument for reform is almost inevitable.

It is the consumer who will appear to lose out twice though with no access to legal aid and the fee re-structure apparently rendering Conditional Fee Agreements (CFAs) as an ineffective means to recover compensation.

In the capital, where the volume of claims is at its highest, London personal injury solicitor are expecting a significant reduction in claims being brought as a result of the likely ratification of these new laws. These London personal injury solicitors are therefore also expecting to lose out.

If you live in the capital and feel that you could be affected by the proposed reforms you should contact a London personal injury solicitor for advice.