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Marriage: Wills and Kate face wedding attack

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The Royal Wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton has been rocked by revelations of a plot by anarchists to cause chaos on the day, says a report in The Sun.

300 anti-Royalists met in Manchester to plan an attack of smoke bombs, roadblocks and mayhem at the event.

Network X, the group behind the plot, are also planning a serious of protests against the wedding in the lead up to the big day on April 29.

Around 300 protesters held a secret meeting in Manchester to organise the protest.

The Sun website claims one of the main organisers, Chris Knight, wrote in an email to activists:

"The plan is to mingle with well-wishers in large numbers, hold anarchist street parties, reoccupy Parliament Square, stage a carnival orgy and drive up security costs to the point when the whole wedding has to be relocated to St Paul's. This would be hugely embarrassing to the monarchy."

A spokesperson from the Metropolitan Police said: "An appropriate policing plan will be in place."

Is the Royal Wedding facing ruin?

Can a mob of anarchists really stop the couple getting married?

How can UK law protect Wills and Kate?

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