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Crime: Did Lindsay Lohan really steal posh jewellery and try to get away with it?

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Actress Lindsay Lohan is facing alleged theft charges after US police obtained a search warrant to investigate a stolen necklace at the star's home.

But before the police could conduct a search of her California home, an unidentified person handed in the £1,500 necklace.

It is uncertain if Lohan will still face prosecution for what would be classified as possible grand theft.

This new crime allegation is bad news for the 24-year-old. Lohan is still on probation for being found guilty of drink-driving in 2007. She is also under investigation for alleged assault.

Lohan has experienced frequent needs to call her lawyers and her catalogue of
crimes include:
  • lawsuits
  • two court orders to attend drug and drink rehabilitation
  • two jail sentences in 2010

The troubled actress has appeared in court more than on the big screen in recent years.

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