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Immigration 101: Adult Student Visas - Visa Letter: Part 1 (#48)

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No. 48 - Adult Student Visas - Visa Letter: Part 1

An must issue a visa letter or confirmation of acceptance of studies before a student can apply for a visa.  The visa letter or confirmation of acceptance of studies is confirmation of the student's unconditional offer of a place on a course of study.  If the student does not submit a visa letter confirmation of acceptance of studies when they apply, their application will be refused.

Note: as of 5 October 2009, can use the UK Border Agency electronic sponsor management system to issue confirmation of acceptance for studies, which is an electronic reference number and contains all of the same information as a visa letter, to allow students to apply for a visa.  From February 2010, the UK Border Agency will only accept a confirmation of acceptance for studies and will no longer accept a visa letter.

The visa letter from an must be:

  • original;

  • on their letter-headed paper;

  • signed and dated by an authorised official (original or electronic signature).  An electronic signature can be a digital signature or a scanned signature.

A visa letter must come direct from an , not from a representative of the .

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