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Workplace Exploitation Of Migrants

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The Government has announced new funding to tackle workplace exploitation of migrants.

Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet. NDSAround £3 million over two years will be allocated to projects that enforce basic workplace rights like health and safety and the national minimum wage.

Funding is coming from a £70 million Government fund, paid for by a levy on migrant workers, to support those communities that are feeling the impact of migration most strongly.  Money has already been given to pay for more teachers in schools and increase GP registration to cut pressures on emergency services and A&E.

Communities Secretary John Denham said:

"Tackling the abuse of migrant workers is an important part of building a fair society.  The very fact that some migrants are being asked to work in dangerous conditions for poor wages is unacceptable.  But as a result these employers are also undercutting the wages of local workers, putting unfair pressure on businesses struggling to compete and causing resentment in the community.

"This funding is going to projects that will protect existing workers by enforcing the minimum wage and ensuring employers meet their obligations to all workers.  It is part of a £70 million fund - provided by migrants - to help reduce pressures on public services, maximise the benefits of migration whilst minimising the impact."

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